Joan Miro, Terre atteinte et Soleil intact

Stolen from a Jesuit prep school in Dallas, TX in 1991 while on loan from the theft victim, this work appeared for sale at Christie’s in New York.  Chris Marinello arranged for the painting to be pulled from the sale and began negotiations with the consignor.

A husband and wife team of art restorers in Miami Beach claimed that the Miro was left at their studio unclaimed and that they spent $1400.00 towards restoring the piece.  With approval from the theft victim, Marinello offered the couple their $1400.00 in exchange for a release of the work provided they could show a receipt for the restoration.  The consignors rejected this offer and were then sued by the theft victim in Dallas, TX.

After several months of litigation, discovery, and legal fees, the case was settled for…$1400.00 and the Miro was returned to the owner.