Courtyard in Dieppe by Walter Richard Sickert

Stolen in 2007 by a gang of thieves in central London, this painting ended up at an auction house in southern England.
it was subsequently purchased by a top Mayfair dealer who, upon discovering the history of the painting, decided to sue everyone involved in the chain of custody.  Chris Marinello found himself dealing with an amateurish art ‘dealer’ known as “fast Freddy” who had acquired the stolen painting from suspicious sources before bringing it to the auction house.

Marinello managed to secure an unconditional release from Freddy with the approval of the Metropolitan police and negotiated a complex agreement involving all the parties. Freddy paid back the purchaser and the lawsuit was dropped. The painting was returned to the theft victim in 2011 along with seven others from the original theft.  The victim reimbursed his insurance company and took possession of all eight works.