Art Recovery International

Art Recovery International is a full service, private sector solution to due diligence, dispute resolution and recovery for the international art market and cultural heritage sectors.

Art Recovery International (“ARI”) provides research, dispute resolution and art recovery services, offering our clients expert and ethical advice on the management, acquisition and return of cultural property.

At every stage of every case, our full service assures our clients complete support, including:

  • Research into the provenance, legal title and authenticity of works of art;
  • Expert advice on the review of potential claims;
  • Mediation of complex title disputes;
  • Identification and location of claimed cultural objects;
  • Law enforcement support and liaison;
  • Reputation and media management; and
  • Recovery and negotiation of settlements for the return of cultural property.

We work closely with professionals in the international art market, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies to reduce the trade in illicit cultural heritage and are committed to the promotion of a professional, ethical art industry.

Christopher A. Marinello, CEO

Christopher A. Marinello is one of the world’s foremost experts in recovering stolen, looted, and missing works of art. A lawyer for over 30 years, Chris began his legal career as a litigator and became uniquely proficient in negotiating complex title disputes between collectors, dealers, museums and insurance companies.

In 2013, Chris founded Art Recovery International – a specialist practice providing due diligence, dispute resolution and art recovery services for the art market and cultural heritage sectors. Within this, Chris has overseen the development of the non-profit Artive Database – the most technologically advanced system in existence for the identification and recording of issues and claims attached to works of art.

Chris has recovered stolen and looted artwork valued at over $500M and has worked on some of the most important recoveries of Nazi looted art.

As an adjunct professor at New York University, Chris has taught Law and Ethics in the Art Market and is a co-founder of the annual Art Crime Conference through NYU’s School of Professional Studies. The Conference began in London in 2013 and is held in various cities around the world.

Chris is a member of the Advisory Council of the American Appraisers Association and a member of the Arts and Records Committee of the Inland Marine Underwriters Association.  He is also a member of the City of London Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars.

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