Our Pledge

Offering free support services to law enforcement agencies dealing with art crime around the world is a guiding principle of our practice.

We are regularly called to work alongside agencies, contributing expert advice to their investigations but never seeking to influence or preside over their direction.

With alerts triggered by various external databases, we are often the first to know when a stolen work has been discovered.

Our first obligation is to determine whether or not any active police investigation already exists and immediately notify relevant law enforcement agencies either directly or through Interpol.

We provide agencies with all information about items matched on external databases, including the basis of the match, the details of the theft victim and the whereabouts of the item. We will then take direction from law enforcement and offer our services where required.

In the course of our work with law enforcement agencies, we will not:

  • Undertake any smuggling of works
  • Violate the laws of any jurisdiction
  • Remunerate criminals under any circumstances
  • Interfere with active investigations
  • Undertake any unapproved recovery efforts
  • Discuss active investigations with any third parties without authorization
  • Halt sales without instruction

Our Work

Even for the most dedicated agencies, limited resources sometimes impede upon the attention that is able to be given to cases involving art crime.

Art Recovery International works alongside law enforcement offering research services and consultancy that endeavors to increase the speed and effectiveness of their operations.

From liaising between different jurisdictions to devising creative recovery strategies, our work with law enforcement is bound by one objective: mutually beneficial co-operation.

Law enforcement agencies may benefit from the following services offered by Art Recovery International:

  • Advice on recovery strategies
  • Shared resources
  • Provenance research
  • Liaison with other law enforcement agencies
  • Ease of communication in several languages
  • Assistance on expert item reports

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